What is Polyurethane roll ?

Polyurethane roll are cylindrical rollers covered by a layer of elastomer material called polyurethane. also called as polyurethane rollers. the general material of inner cylindrical rollers core is stainless steel, carbon steel, solid roller or pipe roller, aluminum and iron plate etc.

Depending on the different industrial application, inner roller core is easy to scratches, dents, corrosion, and other types of damage. The function of layer polyurethane is protects inner roller core. polyurethane has abrasion resistance and impact strength, and environmental than rubber, so roller coated polyurethane is more popular in the market.

Urethane roller has widely application, such as: Printing, Material Conveying, Squeezing, Pressing, Laminating, Feeding, Spreading, Coating, Grains Milling. so custom polyurethane rollers can be meet differential demand.

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