PVC Conveyor Belt

PVC Conveyor Belt

We can provide a wide of PU conveyor belts and PVC conveyor belts, also can process conveyor belts of various sizes and widths as your request.

the surface of conveyor belt has plain, smooth, rough top, high super grip, diamond as options. color in white, green, blue, black etc. it’s suitable for food conveying, industry conveying etc.

PVC Rough Top Conveyor Belt

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Green PVC Conveyor Belts

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Food Conveyor Belts

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PU Conveyor Belt

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PVC PU Silicone Conveyor Belts

PU PVC Silicone conveyor belts are widely used in various conveying industries due to their many advantages.

PU conveyor belts, also known as polyurethane conveyor belts, are made from a combination of high-quality polymers that give them high durability and wear resistance, chemical resistance, and oil resistance.

PVC conveyor belts are made of polyvinyl chloride, which offers excellent flexibility and resistance to humidity and temperature changes. These qualities make pu and pvc belts the first choice for many companies.

Silicone conveyor belts are special thermostable silicone belts with high chemical resistance and very high temperature resistance. They have a non-stick surface and high adhesion at the same time.

Please provide the material requirements, surface pattern, surface color, bottom fabric, thickness, the number of layers of fabric, belt width and roll length to got an offer.

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