PU Wheels

PU Wheels

PU wheels is abbreviation of polyurethane wheels or urethane wheels. it also called polyurethane coated wheels or polyurethane covered wheels. wheel hub could be metal, Aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass etc.
we are polyurethane wheels manufacturers, we have facility and ability to process urethane wheels molds, metal hubs. we have much experience of sandblasting, surface cleaning, adhesive casting.
we can manufacture all types of PU wheel such as drive wheels, idler wheels, V-Groove Urethane Wheels, polyurethane wheels with bearings etc. Please Contact us for further details regarding custom cast urethane wheel.

Zero Crush Wheels

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No Crush Wheels

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Urethane Molded Bearings

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Cast Urethane Wheels

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Polyurethane Idler Wheels

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Polyurethane Drive Wheels

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Polyurethane Wheels

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PU Coated Wheels

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Industrial Mecanum Wheels

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Polyurethane Wheels with Bearings

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PU Swivel Wheel for Sorter

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Polyurethane Wheels Manufacturers

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Polyurethane V Groove Wheels

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Urethane Wheels

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U Groove Polyurethane Wheels

U-Groove Wheels – Polyurethane Groove Wheels “U” Gr...

Urethane Coated Bearings

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Custom Polyurethane Wheels

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Frequently Asker Questions-FAQ:

Q1: Can I get a sample before I make an Order?

A: Yes, We can offer

Q2: Can I get a free sample?

A: Yes, We always offer free sample for our VIP customers, IF you are New to join us, Pleaes check with our sales about more details.

Q3: Can you put our Logo on the products?

A: Yes, we can Print Your logo on it.

Q4: What is your MOQ request?

A: If the products you inquiry is in stock,we can acccept small order and send out soon.but for custom products,there usually are mold fee and MOQ request.

Q5: What is your average Lead time?

A: For standard size products,we can ship within 48 hours. For custom products,Please confirm with our sales,It usually takes about 15-30 days.

Q6: Can you accept OEM & ODM serive?

A: Yes,we can custom urethane products for you as according to your drawing or sample,we also can provide more support and assist you to find the best solution,and a guaranteed after-sales service.

Q7: Do you have any guarantee of products?

A: Yes, We strictly check the quality of all orders before dispatch to our customers. If there are still quality problems after the customer received the goods, We will provide 100% after service and respond within 24 hours.

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