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Industrial Mecanum Wheels

  • Min.Order QTY:  100 piece
  • Packaging:  Carton or Plywood Box
  • Delivery Time:  15 Working Days
  • Port:  Shanghai/Ningbo
  • Payment Terms:  T/T,Western Union,Paypal

Heavy Duty Industrial Mecanum Wheels – Omni Wheels

Multi-directional wheels also known as Mecanum Wheels and Omin Wheels, wheel works by having the main wheel on an axel (allowing forward and backward motion). The 360° movement is achieved through the external rollers which provide multi-directional movement without any load shifting and unintentional directional change.

Normal, the all-direction vehicle is equipped with four mecanum wheels. it is flexible for moving in any direction while keeping itself in a constant direction.

  • A set of mecanum wheels including 4 pieces of PU wheels.
  • 1 pieces of wheels is combinations from 8 pcs polyurethane wheels.

Feature of Robot Omin Wheels

  • 360° movement
  • Polyurethane rollers for excellent durability
  • excellent wear resistance and shock-absorbing
  • High impact resistance and load capacity
  • Easy installation and integration with existing conveyor systems

Mecanum Wheel Application

Our AGV stacking locomotive wheels can withstand wear and tear from repeated robotic stacking operations and will help ensure seamless movement of materials around your warehouse or production facility. Mecanum Wheel with .

it often used as floor wheels, or conveyor roller, transfers tables or in robotics, AGVs automated vehicles and AMRs.

How to make Omin Wheels – Mecanum Wheel

  1. The wheel core machining (Wheel core can be flat or convex shape carbon steel or aluminum material, and coated polyurethane)
  2. Sandblasted and surface cleans.
  3. Applied with adhesive on surface of convex roller wheels (manual), so that they can have high strength bond between the urethane and cores
  4. Pour polyurethane material.
  5. Vulcanize
  6. Precision polyurethane second machining to make a smooth surface.

we custom Omin wheels as according to your technical drawing or samples. Contact us for further need regard Industrial Mecanum Wheels

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Develop & Produce Polyurethane Products

We focus on the needs of all our customers and continue to develop innovative products based on our experience and expertise. This allows us to continuously expand our product line to meet the needs of different customers.

Pulisen have the capability and facilities to produce any kind of Urethane product from 30A to 75D, in any shape, size or the same time,we can custom polyurethane products from your drawings or sketches to meet your industrial application.

  • Most of our standard products are in stock for fast delivery
  • If you are in need of a custom cast urethane products,contact us today for more information,we will be happy to assist you.
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