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No Crush Wheels

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No Crush Urethane Wheel – Zero Crush Wheels

No crush wheels also known as Zero Crush wheels and PU Sun Wheel. Zero Crush Urethane wheels are widespread on Corrugating lines as well as on folder-gluers, and wherever you need to drive or guide the cardboard.

Our non-crush wheels are produced by high quality polyurethane (PU), which has the advantages of high wear resistance and resilience, no damage to the paper and long service life.
Multiple materials of wheel core are available, such as nylon, aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel etc.

Advantage of No Crush Wheels

  • softness to avoid signs on the paper
  • grip power to drive cardboard
  • heat resistance, up to the highest temperatures achieved in some points of the Corrugating line
  • resistance to hits, cutting, abrasion and wear
  • Hardness stability all throughout the lifetime of the wheels.

Type of No Crush wheels – PU Sun Wheel

  • Zero Crush Rollers
  • Bottle Spacer Wheels
  • Metering Wheels
  • Spider Wheels
  • Hold Down Wheels

Polyurethane No Crush Wheels Application

  • Cardboard and Paper Manufacturing and Processing
  • Packaging Machinery and Equipment
  • Sensitive or Fragile Materials Handling or Movement
  • Automated Production Line Applications
  • Replacement wheels for Corrugation Machinery
  • Bottle Spacing

Specification of No Crush Urethane Wheels

Outer Dia. mm Inner Dia. mm Thickness mm
165 65 50
165 50 50
165 70 50
165 115 110
165 100 50
135 50 50
125 50 50
110 50 50
100 50 50
175 65 50
200 120 50
265 120 50
280 170 50
330 220 70

Expect the above standard size Zero Crush wheels, we also can custom PU wheels according to your technical drawing or sample. Contact us for further details regarding No Crush Wheel.

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