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Belt Welding Kits

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Polyurethane Belt Welder – Belt Welding Kits

Urethane belt welding kits is used to connect PU round belt and v-belt into O-ring. the complete of industrial Welding Kits included: Soldering Iron with Sticking Teflon/Coating Teflon + Welding Clamp + Scissors, you can choose every single one or complete set.

  • 1 pcs of electric solder iron (Teflon sticking or Teflon black Coating as options); temperature:150-400℃ adjustable, heat wand is a constant temperature by heating to a certain temperature (working temperature usually between 250-300 degrees), Power:200W, Voltage: AC 220V/50Hz.
  • 1 pcs of Light-duty clamp-black color; light-weight welding clamp is mainly used for small connection space. it can joining belt on the equipment without removing the belt. it can effectively reduce downtime, and convenient for customer quick jointing. the size of light-weight clamp is small, width is 9.5cm and length is only 13.5cm and 17.5cm. (two size as options), belt welding range for clamp is from 4mm -15mm round belt and some of v-belt. especial used for bowling equipment to joining round belt.
  • 1 pcs of anti-skid handle cutter, for cut two ends of the belt flat.

Working Manual of Belt Welding Kits

  1. Pre-heat the soldering iron, cut the belt by the scissors, make sure the transverse incision is flat and smooth.
    Loosen the four big screws of the welding clamp, adjust the height of aluminum plates to put the belt into it.
  2. Put the two ends of belt into the locating slot (If the belt size is small, adjust the four small screw of clamp to fit it.), preset protruding length on both ends of the belt, make the two end of belt match perfectly.
  3. Place the soldering iron between two ends of belt, gently tighten the clamp, make both ends completely touch soldering iron.
  4. Heat the soldering iron, when the PU are melted and effluent approximately 0.5~1mm, take out the soldering iron quickly, fasten the welding clamp by the side screw.
  5. Natural cooling about 3 minutes, then take off the belt.
  6. Grinding the joint smoothly check both ends of belt are vertical and fix if not please repeat the above steps again.

Please contact us for further need regard Belt Welding Kits.

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