Belts Jointing Methods and Belt Welding Tools

The common Welding tools for polyurethane round and v-Belts has electric soldering iron, clamp and scissors.
Which is suitable for all unreinforced polyurethane belts by End-to-end welding. please check here to see detail operation step of polyurethane belt welder.

If you want to buy a Economic type urethane belt welding kit, pls. contact us to get a quick offer.

Another type of Belt welding tool is 230V High Efficient & Frequency Friction Welder machine, Cost is higher than above one.
In carrying case, with accessories.
1) 1 pcs. of cutting pliers
2) 1 pcs. Of scissors
3) 8 set clamping jaws (free choice by your request, size range :8mm-20mm and A-13, B-17, C-22 etc.)

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