How to jointing Polycord belt?

Method of use welding tools to jointing polycord Belt:

  1. Use scissors to cut two ends of urethane round belt flat (if the two ends are not flat, the surface of the belt is not sufficiently hot-melted, and the interface is easy to break).
  2. Fasten round belt to the clamp.
  3. Turn the welder to 250 degrees, and melt both ends of the belt fixed to the clamp.
  4. after the belt is melted, lock the clamp for about 2-3 minutes, and wait for the belt to cool.
  5. Take out the belt, grind and trim the joint, the interface is flat, smooth, firm and not easy to break.

The above method is how to use welding tool kits to connect polycord belt. The connection method is butt welding.

we can also provide overlop welding service for reinforced round belts. if you are interested in overlop welding, please contact us for detail.

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