What is a PU belt?

PU Belt also called TPU belt or Polyurethane belt, It’s an industrial drive belt. with higher abrasion resistance, and easy to joint to endless o-ring. it’s widely used in conveyor equipment as drive belt. working temperature range from -35~70℃. hardness 85 A or 90 shore A. there are PU round belt and PU v-belts.

  • Diameter of PU round belt from 2mm to 20mm, smooth orange and green rough color are popular in the market.
  • PU v-belt size A-13, B-17, C-22 type, red color is popular in the market, but it also can produce white or green color as according to your order.

TPU belt has been replaced rubber belt in most of light industry belt, because of polyurethane belt is more environmental. the function of TPU belt is conveying, transmission, drive. so it widely used in roller conveyor, power conveyor for automated material handling systems equipment.

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