What is Different Between Nylon and PU Pallet Truck Wheel?

Nylon wheel and polyurethane wheels are widely used in pallet trucks or other manual handling equipment.  due to the different material, they are also differences in working environments and performance.

Polyurethane pu wheels

Polyurethane wheels are also PU wheels. with good oil resistance, toughness, aging resistance and adhesion. the most obvious is high wear resistance and noise reduction. they are ideal for running on polished floors, laminated floors and polished tiles, such as supermarkets, retail stores or workshops. PU wheels slides on the floor surface without scratching the floor, and has the best grip and high level of control. polyurethane wheels provide a smooth and quiet running environment. The disadvantage of polyurethane wheel is that it is not resistant to high temperature and hydrolysis.

Nylon Truck Wheels

Nylon wheels have high bearing strength and hardness due to their rigid plastic structure. It is very suitable for operation in harsh environment where crushed stone or uneven surface may be encountered. Nylon truck wheels provide excellent control and durability in concrete plants, floors, quarries, docks or other environments where corrosion may occur. Therefore, it is widely used in storage, shelving areas, loading area, workshops and warehouses and environment with high noise.

So whether you choose polyurethane wheel or nylon wheel as pallet truck wheel, you should choose the most suitable one according to his actual working environment.

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