Polyurethane Products Manufacturer

Pulisen is a company and polyurethane products manufacturer. we provides extruded polyurethane belting and cast urethane products for many years, which is used for a wide of application.

  • Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) products

We have two extrusion machine production lines, for produce standard polyurethane belt and special profiles. There is also an injection molding machine to produce injection molded polyurethane products. Most standard products are in stock. Customized products need orders from you to produce.

  • Cast Polyurethane (CPU) products

We have 3 sets Polyurethane elastomer Cast machine, for produce various polyurethane roller, urethane wheels, cast urethane parts, like polyurethane sheets, bushing, scraper, pads, rods, bars, bumper, block etc. In addition, we have our own machine processing shop, like CNC lathe, Grinder and Milling machine. we also offers custom molded polyurethane products and services for you.

  • Polyurethane parts Application

We service customers in a number of industries, including packing, corrugated containers, printing, automotive glass, Mine industry and many more.

Examples of the cast urethane products we manufacture:

Polyurethane V-Groove Rollers
Polyurethane Idler Rollers

If you want to see more video of how our polyurethane products made, please following us Tiktok account “polyurethaneproducts“.


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