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Polyurethane Skirting

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Urethane Conveyor Belt Skirting – Polyurethane Skirt Board

Polyurethane Conveyor Skirting has excellent physical properties, mechanical strength and tear resistance, resistance to cutting, impact and abrasion.

Polyurethane (PU) skirting as Conveyor belt skirting, is designed to be installed and adjusted to just above the conveyor belt to create a seal. which is used to contain material on belt, reduce spillage and suppress dust, conveyor skirting ensures more cleaner, more safe and more productive for conveyor belt.

Features of Polyurethane Conveyor Skirting

  • Better wear resistance.
  • Longer service life, about 5 times longer than rubber skirting
  • Less maintenance time.
  • Reduce maintenance cost.
  • Lower spillage cleanup cost.
  • Lower coefficient of friction, no damage to belt.

PU skirting VS Rubber skirting

Polyurethane skirting Rubber skirting
Wear loss:40mm3 -The lower war loss, the better wear resistance. Wear loss: 120mm3
Tensile strength:40 MPa Tensile strength:8 to 25 MPa
Elongation at break:660 % Elongation:450 %

Advantage of Polyurethane Conveyor Belt Skirting

  1. Extensive experience in polyurethane skirting.
  2. casting polyurethane elastomer, excellent wear resistance.
  3. innovative mold, 15m or 30 m rolls or even longer rolls, tailor-made sizes.
  4. 35 or 45 degree bevel edge, ideal fit to belt.
  5. Duro 60A,70A,85A to meet different requirements.
  6. Improved formula, lower coefficient of friction, better wear resistance.
  7. proven quality.

Technical Date of Polyurethane Skirt Board

Description conveyor belt skirting
Material 100% Polyurethane (PU) -TDI-Polyester
Thickness range (mm) 2-30mm, Common thickness 10,12,16mm
Width Range (mm) 10-600mm, Common Width 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300 mm, Maximum width can reach 600mm,
Roll Length (m) 15 Mtrs/roll or 30 Mtrs/roll
Hardness (Shore A) 55 shore A ~95 shore A
Color Red, Orange, Black, Green, Blue, White etc.
Density (g/cm3) 1.25
Tensile Strength (MPa) 40
Elongation at break, % 660
Abrasion Loss, mm3 @10N 40
Angle Tear Strength (DIE C), KN/m 57
Angle Tear Strength (DIE C), KN/m 23
Temperature Range -30~70
Remark: Can be produced with straight edge or bevel edge 45 or 35 degree as your request.

Polyurethane Skirting for conveyor belt in a range of standard thickness and sizes. we can also custom size of PU skirting according to your special request. Please contact us for further need regard Polyurethane conveyor skirting.

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We focus on the needs of all our customers and continue to develop innovative products based on our experience and expertise. This allows us to continuously expand our product line to meet the needs of different customers.

Pulisen have the capability and facilities to produce any kind of Urethane product from 30A to 75D, in any shape, size or the same time,we can custom polyurethane products from your drawings or sketches to meet your industrial application.

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