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Polyurethane Parts

  • Min.Order QTY:  100 Piece
  • Packaging:  Carton or Plywood Box
  • Delivery Time:  15 Working Days
  • Port:  Shanghai/Ningbo
  • Payment Terms:  T/T,Western Union,Paypal

Custom Molded Polyurethane Parts

Polyurethane parts are made by TDI polyester and MDI polyether material.  we can help you to choose right material as according to your different applications and specific environment. urethane molded parts to a wide range of product sizes, shapes, hardness and performance requirements.

we have varied polyurethane molding as options, including compression molding, cast molded and injection molded, extruded or calendered.

type of Polyurethane Parts we manufacture

  • Urethane Balls
  • Urethane Bumpers
  • Urethane Bushings
  • Urethane Caps
  • Urethane Gaskets
  • Urethane Gears
  • Urethane Grommets
  • PU Liners
  • Polyurethane Nozzles
  • polyurethane Pads
  • Urethane Plugs
  • Polyurethane Rings
  • Polyurethane Scrapers
  • Polyurethane Seals
  • Polyurethane Snow Plow Blades
  • Urethane Suction Cups
  • Urethane Wipers

Feature of Polyurethane Parts

  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Resistance to solvents, ozone resistance, chemicals resistance.
  • Good elasticity and impact resistance, Tensile strength.
  • Good physical properties

Polyurethane Parts Application

we have been produced polyurethane parts for various industrial sectors, including transportation, building and construction, machinery and foundry, textiles, fiberglass, steel and aluminum, seals and wipers.

our advantages of Urethane Parts

  • Wide Hardness range from 30A to 98A to 80 shore D.
  • FDA food contact as options.
  • Quick and small batches production available.
  • One step molding process is more economical than second machining.

We manufacture a variety of custom molded urethane parts according to your technical drawing or sample. Please contact us for further need regard Polyurethane parts

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Develop & Produce Polyurethane Products

We focus on the needs of all our customers and continue to develop innovative products based on our experience and expertise. This allows us to continuously expand our product line to meet the needs of different customers.

Pulisen have the capability and facilities to produce any kind of Urethane product from 30A to 75D, in any shape, size or the same time,we can custom polyurethane products from your drawings or sketches to meet your industrial application.

  • Most of our standard products are in stock for fast delivery
  • If you are in need of a custom cast urethane products,contact us today for more information,we will be happy to assist you.
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