Polyurethane Products Manufacturer
PULISEN can extrusion, injection, cast molding, compression molding polyurethane to create various high quality polyurethane products.
Cast Urethane Parts
We offer custom polyurethane products in various color and hardness on the market,and provide advanced engineering solutions to a wide range of industry sectors.
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Please send us your inquiry and our team will contact you shortly to assist you identify the right products.
On Time Delivery
Most standard size of polyurethane belts are in stock.custom urethane products is based on your order quantity.
Small Order Support
We can accept your small batch order, custom polyurethane products can support for quick proofing.

Pulisen Polyurethane Products Company Ltd.

Pulisen company was founded in 2016, starting with registered capital 1 Million RMB. We are the one of the rapid expanding companies specialize in manufacture and develop all kinds of polyurethane products,our urethane products can be used in many industrial applications.

  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Products
  • Cast Urethane Products
  • Custom Polyurethane Parts
custom polyurethane parts
extruded polyurethane

Main Production Line

Our product lines included extrusion (TPU) thermoplastic polyurethane products, such as round and v-belts,TPU profiles,and a various shapes, sizes, and hardness cast urethane products. such as pads, rods, bars, sheets and boards, roller, wheels and more PU parts.
We cooperate with many polyurethane material supplier, and services to finish these raw stock materials into the finished urethane parts. We never stop to develop more urethane products to meet the demands of many industrial applications.
TPU & CPU Series Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane Rods and Bar
Polyurethane Rods – Polyurethane Bar Polyurethane Rods & Bars are made of thermoplastic polyureth...
Double Seal Skirting Rubber
Double Seal Skirting Rubber- Dual Seal Skirt Board Double Skirting provide dual sealing efficiency with a s...
Zero Crush Wheels
Zero-Crush Wheels – Soft Touch Polyurethane Roller Zero crush wheels also known as Urethane feed whee...
No Crush Wheels
No Crush Urethane Wheel – Zero Crush Wheels No crush wheels also known as Zero Crush wheels and PU Su...
TPU Belts Friction Welding Machine
Belt Welding Machine – Friction Welding Machine High efficient & Frequency friction welding machi...
Belts Welding Iron
Belt Welding Iron – Electric Soldering Iron Welding soldering Iron used for heat connecting the round...

The Processes & Methods of Making Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane Extrusion Molding
Injection Molded Polyurethane Products
Cast Molding Polyurethane Products
Hand or Machine Casting Polyurethane Products
Compression Molding Polyurethane Parts
Polyurethane Elastomer Centrifugal Molding

Our Facility To Make Polyurethane Products

We have a polyurethane extrusion and injection production workshop, as well as a cast polyurethane workshop for produce PU rollers and wheels,and various custom urethane parts. also have a processing workshop for precision urethane, and a large warehouses.

Quality Control:

    We have complete records of raw materials from the warehouse in to the warehouse out, and can follow up every production link at any time.include the manufacture date, lot number, and the post cure date.

    From raw materials to finished products, our quality control personnel to strictly check the quality. Every product is visually and dimensionally inspected to the customers specifications. Then, the durometer and tolerance of the product is documented and filed for each days production

    we continuous improvement and compliance with the requirements of our Quality Management System

Frequently Asker Questions-FAQ:

Q1: Can I get a sample before I make an Order?

A: Yes, We can offer

Q2: Can I get a free sample?

A: Yes, We always offer free sample for our VIP customers, IF you are New to join us, Pleaes check with our sales about more details.

Q3: Can you put our Logo on the products?

A: Yes, we can Print Your logo on it.

Q4: What is your MOQ request?

A: If the products you inquiry is in stock,we can acccept small order and send out soon.but for custom products,there usually are mold fee and MOQ request.

Q5: What is your average Lead time?

A: For standard size products,we can ship within 48 hours. For custom products,Please confirm with our sales,It usually takes about 15-30 days.

Q6: Can you accept OEM & ODM serive?

A: Yes,we can custom urethane products for you as according to your drawing or sample,we also can provide more support and assist you to find the best solution,and a guaranteed after-sales service.

Q7: Do you have any guarantee of products?

A: Yes, We strictly check the quality of all orders before dispatch to our customers. If there are still quality problems after the customer received the goods, We will provide 100% after service and respond within 24 hours.

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